CCTV Drain Survey's Role In Preventing Blockages

The network of pipes running beneath our feet in Hertfordshire often needs care and attention to prevent serious blockages or issues, which if neglected could result in expensive excavation work.

CCTV drain surveys in Hertfordshire are a modern non-invasive solution, combining technology with practicality and efficiency to ensure a high standard & detailed level of maintenance is carried out, which in turn will ensure everything flows smoothly.

Drain maintenance is often neglected and only addressed when the problem reaches a dangerous level, or the blockage starts causing exterior or other noticeable issues. Given how essential pipelines are to our towns and cities to carry waste away from our homes, regular maintenance should be undertaken, and CCTV drain surveys can be the idyllic solution.

We pay attention to the well-being and maintenance of our cars, our homes and even our bodies, drains are no different. As much as you may take your car in for a regular service every year, (not just when you have a motoring issue) you are minimising the chances of a more serious and costly problem arising in future, the same applies to having a CCTV drain survey conducted. A blocked drain is messy, smelly, expensive to fix if excavation work needs to be undertaken and a general headache that could have been avoided.

So What's Involved?

A drainage expert will use a miniature camera attached to a flexible rod, which is then inserted into the drain. The camera sends a live feed video to the drain expert to interpret. The expert is then able to gain an understanding of what's going on in those pipes. Imagine a colonoscopy but for drains.

It's essential that you have a drain expert who understands the complexities of the pipe network to interpret the footage, as they would be best suited to analyse and understand what they are seeing and propose what actions to take next. As for the untrained eye, it would be nothing more than a rather vulgar view of our waste system.

Therefore a CCTV drain survey in Hertfordshire is a cost-effective solution, bypassing the need to dig into the ground and disrupt driveways, pathways and/or the exterior environment.


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