Common Drain Issues In Hertfordshire

The first thing people think of when it comes to drainage issues is a blockage. Though that can be the case, it's not always, which is why it's sometimes best to seek the advice of a professional drain specialist in Hertfordshire. Drainage issues need to be identified correctly, in order to rectify and action the issue appropriately, and not cause further damage, it can be a misconception to believe that a blockage is always the cause, so before you go searching for that 'Mr Muscle', let's have a look at the common issues that can cause you a drainage headache.

Drainage can be a serious issue to deal with and to action appropriately, issues could lead to loss of water flow in your home, and water leakages - which can then result in a variety of other problematic issues such as dampness and structural damage, resulting in damage to your home as well as surrounding buildings. We will look at some of the top causes, so you can be more aware, and know when to call the professionals, like us at AFS Drains, in Hertfordshire.

A Blocked Drain In Hertfordshire

A blockage can come on slowly, as a progressive problem perhaps even years. The blocked drain could be caused by hair or food that has made its way into your pipes, as well as other debris and non-flushable materials. The blocked drain could be caused at any point in the network of pipes for your drainage system. The scale of the blockage causing the blocked drain would be hard to identify, and sometimes the quick-fix solution does not eradicate the actual issue causing the blocked drain in Hertfordshire. It just prolongs the reduced flow of water, and on occasions, the DIY quick fix may cause further issues you would be unaware of in your pipework. This is why you should consult with a drain expert whether it is a quick call to a drainage contractor, to run through the issues you experiencing for the best course of action. Give yourself that peace of mind that the issue has been appropriately addressed and won't become a very costly problem further down the line due, when you least expect it.

Cracked Pipes In Hertfordshire

These under-the-surface issues are often related to age. As everything does in this world, things age and start to wither. Older properties particularly will suffer from this. Wear and tear is a part of life, so in instances like this, there is no option but to call in the drain experts. However, the severity of the cracked pipes can be minimised with quick action from you, a DIY will not be suitable for this in any form. Drainage contractors have the specialised tools to investigate the pipe network to identify the root cause and severity before taking appropriate action.

Often cracks are found near joints but can extend down the pipe itself over time, so when you start to notice a reduced flow or blocked drain make that call to a drain specialist. Cracked pipes will lead to leakages, which then will damage its surrounding environment. The knock-on effect being damage to the ground structure and even the electrical mains. It's very much like a snowball effect, which can be devastating financially, and environmentally not to mention the unpleasantness of it all. Hence the paramount importance of being quick to action the blocked drain, and getting in the professionals at the earliest sign to minimise further damage.

Collapsed Pipes In Hertfordshire

This is a '999' kind of emergency when it comes to blocked drains and drainage issues. Waste will collate and not leave your property - unsightly, messy, smelly and most unwelcome. The knock-on effects again are very severe if not actioned QUICK.

Such as damage to the ground structure, electrical mains, walls become damp and smelly, pests could be attracted to your property ( a whole other issue in itself) and its worst-case scenario a sinkhole formation. A drain expert should access these issues, as a priority using specialist tools such as CCTV surveys to quickly establish the root of the issue and begin appropriate action such as resin lining or excavation.

Tree Roots

The wildness of the wildlife around us can occasionally spread its roots further afield in the hunt for food, water and oxygen, and where else is there an obtainable abundance - our sewage systems and drains! The issues that this causes are similar to a cracked pipe as essentially the root would have gained entry somewhere, and often they are powerful in the growth and search for nutrition they can puncture pipework. Similarly look out for early signs, loss of water flow, a blockage or slow drain and get the experts in early.


A blocked drain can often be more than a little bit of food on the u-bend under your sink, so always consult the symptoms with a specialist before making assumptions and pouring bottles of drain unblocker down the sink. Neglecting the root cause will only create further damage and create a very unpleasant environment, without being too vivid, we all know what waste leaves our property. So make that call to us at AFS Drains on 01438 870 686.

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